We moved our television out of the house

Not easy but a good move.


John Shepard

3/6/20233 min read

Junking a television
Junking a television

But before we explore that, first, a disclaimer. We didn't eliminate our media monster completely. We moved the television out of the house and set it up in my shed. My shed is my workshop. It's my little man cave where it takes time to heat the place, the furniture is not the most comfortable, and the wifi connection is slower. It now takes work to watch television, and our viewing time has been cut drastically.

So here is what moving the big screen out of our home did for us.

Less Screen Time

Moving our TV out of the house decreased our screen time. It removed the temptation to watch mindless entertainment where the plots were pretty much the same. It allowed us to focus on other activities such as reading books, playing board games, and engaging in conversations.

Fewer Distractions. Better Dinner Time.

Before, we often found ourselves having dinner while watching the news. First, it's probably not the best thing for your digestion. Also, studies have shown how eating while watching television can lead to weight gain and decrease one's ability to enjoy food. With no t.v. we seem to enjoy our food more. We're relaxed without listening to or seeing the latest disaster or tragedy as we take that bite and swallow.

Creates Quality Time

Time away from the tube meant fewer distractions from what we wanted to do. Now, we sit at the dining table and talk to each other, engaging in meaningful conversations about our lives, work, and conversations we've had with others. We engage more in creative tasks that have positive effects on our mental health and well-being, such as hobbies like gardening or painting, learning new skills, and having plenty of time for making crafts or spending time outdoors.

Dumbing Down Less

Removing the TV from the house moved us away from the streaming triviality of much of television. It increased our awareness of some of the fundamental issues we face in the world by not sensationalizing it. We have more space for individual reflection, prayer, and deciding our role in helping others. We became less stressed over what was already out of our control and it helped us re-examine what contributions we could make for a better world. This additional perspective helped us make better decisions regarding how we spend our time while prioritizing things that bring us joy.

Became More Productive

Without the constant distraction of the big screen, we get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time.We found ourselves maximizing time spent on tasks making each hour count and allowing us to make significant strides in projects we wanted to get done.

Decluttered and Grateful

In conclusion, removing our television from the house allowed us to declutter our lives and allow more conscious decision-making for things we appreciate outside the big screen. We now have a deeper sense of gratitude for the smaller simpler things in life we often take for granted- our health, friendships, going for a walk, baking, and cooking, just to mention a few. Instead of wasting time, we now try and make the most of it.

Just the Beginning

We just started cutting our watch time and, after a few months, we will let you know how it's going and what we are learning by taming the media beast. Perhaps you have done or are doing the same. We would enjoy hearing your thoughts on how it has impacted your life.

Television has become an integral part of our daily lives for most of us. It's often used as entertainment, a parental tool to distract children, or even an escape from reality. What happens when you take the plunge and move your television out of the house? Where it will no longer stare you in the face, and, with the flip of the switch, shut your brain down? We did it and here is what we learned.

Getting rid of this television
Getting rid of this television