Late Summer Pollinators

We allowed some of our broccoli to bolt into blooms. Voila! Bees swarmed the blooms. To get started with pollinators, check out the free resource below.


8/10/20231 min read

We made a conscious decision to allow some of our broccoli plants to bolt and produce large flower heads as a way to support our pollinator friends, particularly the bees. This is just one of the many ways in which we aim to stimulate the growth and development of the ecosystem for the betterment of our planet. By providing the bees with a rich source of nectar, we are not only supporting their survival but also contributing to the overall health and vitality of our environment. It is essential to recognize the connections of all living beings and take proactive steps towards promoting biodiversity and ecological balance.

How about you? Think of ways how you can create pollinators and places for regenerative growth right in your own backyard.

black and yellow bee on purple flowerblack and yellow bee on purple flower